It is often difficult to identify children and youth experiencing homelessness. Youth living alone and families facing homelessness will try to hide the situation to avoid stigma or because of fear of having children taken away. Early identification, however, can put children, youth and families in contact with services that can assist in times of crisis. The Youth Homelessness Checklist reference card and companion document are tools to assist you to make this early identification.

Created by the Youth At-Risk Sub-group of the Coalition’s Prevention Working Group and working from the recommendations in A Plan to Prevent Homelessness this reference card and companion document were created to assist teachers, counsellors, and other youth service workers in the identification of youth who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness and to help to connect them with the appropriate services. For more information or to request reference cards for your office/teachers:

Youth At Risk of Homelessness

Youth At Risk of Homelessness Identification & Action UPDATED March 2015 (PDF)