Homelessness is a complex issue, with many factors at play. There is no one profile of a person who is experiencing homelessness, just as there is no one path that leads there.

Three issues – income, housing and food – intersect in ways that can create very challenging circumstances. Families and individuals living in poverty may find themselves right on the edge as they struggle to make ends meet.

The disparity between income and the costs of housing, food and other necessities is too great for many people. People staying in temporary accommodations – such as emergency shelters, motels or transitional housing – highlight the housing insecurity of many Greater Victoria residents. They are temporarily sheltered and have roofs, but continue to lack safe, affordable permanent housing.

Please read our Report on Housing and Supports and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Annual Report to learn more about the root causes of homelessness in Greater Victoria, and some of the things being done to create more resiliency in our community.