The Priority Housing Project List (PHPL), contains housing projects that act as priorities for the Coalition. As of March 2015, the PHPL contained approx 186 supportive and 84 affordable housing units and 90 rental supplements. The PHPL developments:

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Cottage Grove Manor, Saanich – A proposal to develop a new 45-unit supportive housing project for seniors, similar to the recently completed Olympic Vista Project in Saanich. (Proponent: Victoria Cool Aid Society)

Cedar Grove, Victoria – A proposal to redevelop an existing 21-unit supportive housing facility and site to contain a minimum of 60 supportive housing units. (Proponent: Victoria Cool Aid Society)

Siem Lelum Phase II, Victoria – A proposal to develop 15 units of affordable and supportive housing in a safe, affordable, supported and holistic “Urban Village”. (Proponent: Victoria Native Friendship Centre)

S2H Lite – Along with the proposals for capital projects, the Coalition received a request for funding for rental supplements and supports to house 90 individuals in market housing, S2H Lite. This proposal does not include a capital component but is extremely cost effective. The Coalition strongly endorses this as an important component of its housing program. (Proponent: Pacifica Housing Society)


Rosalie’s Village, Saanich – Underway! A proposal to develop a new 42-unit housing facility with accompanying day care centre to target young single mothers and children experiencing homelessness and older single women at risk of homelessness due to domestic abuse. (Proponent: St. Vincent de Paul Society)

Wilson’s Walk, Victoria – Underway! A proposal to develop 108 units of affordable housing for young urban singles, couples and families. (Proponent: Pacifica Housing Advisory Association)

Hope Centre, Sooke – Complete! This development transformed the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Sooke into a four story facility with 25 rental units of supportive housing for aboriginal and non-aboriginal homeless youth. (Proponents: M’akola Housing Society and St. Vincent de Paul Society.)

What is the purpose of the PHPL?

The purpose of the PHPL is to raise awareness, create support and identify priority projects throughout the region through an assessment of community needs and support, value for money and other aspects of project feasibility.

The PHPL enables the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness (Coalition) to use a strategic approach to regional supportive housing need through project advocacy work and through an exploration of funding opportunities as they may become available.

Why apply to the PHPL?

The PHPL identifies regional priorities and is an added tool for agencies as they seek funding and community support. The PHPL also allows the Coalition to assist in the realization of housing projects through the targeted allocation of any available resources.

When to apply to the PHPL?

The PHPL process is ongoing with applications being accepted at any time.

How long will the PHPL process take?

Expected that the process will take between two and six weeks from the time of submission of a completed application to final review by the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC). The PEC is made up of Management Committee members, with the length of time for the application review dependent upon the timing of Management Committee meetings. These meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month. Any applications submitted within the two week period prior to a Management Committee Meeting will be added to the agenda of the subsequent meeting.

What are the specific steps to get a project on the PHPL?

1. Pre-Application Meeting – This step is optional.

Set up a pre-application meeting with the Coalition Secretariat. Be prepared with a preliminary outline of the proposal including a discussion of: site and building details, client group, expected time line, possible partnership opportunities, a preliminary capital budget and approximate operating cost estimates.

2. Application Intake

Application Intake and completion review. This step is a review of the application as well as an opportunity for discussion to guide the proposal through the vetting process.

3. Management Committee Review

A brief report by Secretariat to the Project Evaluation Committee. This is where the project application will be reviewed and a proponent has the opportunity to present their project as well as address various questions. The PEC will make a final recommendation to Leadership Council.

4. Inclusion to the PHPL

Project Selection for the PHPL. If the project is determined to be a suitable one, the Leadership Council will direct the Secretariat to then add it to the PHPL and include it in the regional strategy for supportive housing development.

Priority Housing Project List Process Framework

Priority Housing Project List Process Framework (PDF)

Priority Housing Project List Request for Expression of Interest

Priority Housing Project List Request for Expression of Interest (PDF)

Priority Housing Project List Application Form

Priority Housing Project List Application Form (PDF)


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