The Greater Victoria Street Survival Guide is a one-stop resource for those experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness in Victoria created by a group of dedicated individuals with street-life experience.

With the knowledge of (and access to) the resources listed in the Guide, we hope those experiencing or at risk of homelessness may be able to move on from homelessness faster than previously possible.

Last Updated: November 2016


Download & Print the Guide

We have TWO DOWNLOADABLE VERSIONS of the Street Survival Guide available. One is for downloading on your computer for easy reference (i.e. when you are offline), the other is a printer friendly version so you can print a Guide for reference. The printer friendly version of the Guide will not be as long lasting and is not intended for those experiencing homelessness, if you would like to request a copy of the Guide (water repellent, heavier paper, more portable size, etc.) please contact us.

1. Street Survival Guide for easy reference on your computer, please Download this PDF version: Street Survival Guide (PDF) (for computer reference)

2 . If you would like to PRINT a copy of the Guide, please download the PDF and print DOUBLE-SIDED, black and white: Print Version (PDF)

Street Survival Guide One Page Handout

For quick reference please print out our one-page handout. This is a great resource for service providers to hand-out if they have run out of copies of the Street Survival Guide. The one-page handout includes the map from the Street Survival Guide, emergency numbers, food, shelter and storage information. One Page Handout