2022 Municipal Elections


The Downtown  Service Providers (DSP) Committee is organizing a 2022 Municipal Election Town hall for the candidates running for the City of Victoria Mayoral and Council, with the primary focus of putting homelessness at the forefront of the discussion.  

The 2022 municipal elections are taking place on October 15, 2022. As it is fast approaching, we can expect to be surrounded by campaign signs and speeches for a better tomorrow. All the citizens and residents of Victoria are looking at those running for office to continue to support the strides made to support those experiencing homelessness. For some, politics can appear so far from our day-to-day lives, but for those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming so, the stakes are very high, and the outcome of elections will have a serious impact on their lives.  

Homelessness has always been an important issue in the realm of public affairs because it is complex and multifaceted both in its cause and its possible solutions. Policy decisions can either cause, exacerbate, or solve this complex issue. As a sector whose primary goal is to ensure experiences of homelessness in the Capital Region are rare, brief, and non-recurring, we believe in influencing those decisions by engaging with all orders of the government to find solutions.  

In the coming election, people have a real opportunity to make homelessness a prominent issue for candidates to address in local campaigns. Through an event such as a town hall, the sector can raise the profile of the homelessness issue to an extent where candidates cannot avoid the topic. Moreover, this event ensures that election-winners translate words into action once they are in office and be held accountable for their commitment to public service. 

In Crisis?:

If you require urgent emotional support, including having thoughts of suicide and other mental health issues, please call Vancouver Island Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888.

Youth (under 25 years of age) may access youthspace.ca for online emotional support.

For other resources, including shelter availability, visit bc211.ca