Childhood poverty and the single-parent trap


The second in a five part series tackling poverty in Greater Victoria.

What followed Erwin’s perfect storm of job loss, medical crisis and unexpected single-parenthood was years of navigating social service policies that she, and many others, believe enforces poverty rather than elevates people out of it. “I’m really grateful for all the opportunities and programs there are for single parents. They are a gift. But there are a few main things, when my son was little, that could have helped us actually get ahead,” she said.

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Source: Times Colonist


Introduction: Growing problem of hidden poverty in Victoria

Part 1: How domestic violence is driving homelessness in Greater Victoria

Part 2: Childhood poverty and the single-parent trap

Part 3: The growing concern of the city’s underemployed and underpaid

Part 4: An aging population in financial limbo and a housing crisis 

Part 5: Changes needed to address Greater Victoria poverty

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