Face 2 Face with Stigma

Face 2 Face with Stigma

100% Peer Led and Delivered

Face 2 Face with Stigma

Face 2 Face with Stigma is an anti-stigma workshop that is inspired, led, developed, and delivered entirely by people with lived experience of substance use, mental health disorders and homelessness. Together, we use our powerful stories to inspire empathy and compassion, educate and reduce fear in the community.


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Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) 2021 National Conference on Ending Homelessness

2021 BC Housing Central Conference

Vancouver Island Region Restorative Justice Association

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Victoria Police Department

Victoria Police Board

City of Victoria

University of Victoria

Camosun College

Victoria General Hospital

Glengarry Hospital

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VicPD Police Recruits

VicPD Police Board and Mayor

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Kay Martin

Office: 250-370-1516

Cellphone: 250 580-2751

Email: kmartin@victoriahomelessness.qa.caorda.com

Meet our Team

Hello, my name is Kay Martin and I am the Voices of Experience Coordinator for the Greater Victoria Coalition to end Homelessness.

In my role, I lead and facilitate an anti-stigma program called Face 2 Face with Stigma. I also, coordinate my organization’s Speakers Bureau. More importantly, I am a substance user in recovery, I live with several mental health diagnosis and I have experienced homelessness. All of this has led and enabled me to do the work I do in the community today. I have lived in Victoria for about 15 years and have built relationships with those in all parts of my community.

I am here to amplify the voice of all those who are living in the fringe and shadows of society due to stigma.

Hello my name is Leonard, my Indian name is Quart.whey.Tun.

I have lived experiences with homelessness, stigma, discrimination. I am a residential school survivor from the Sixties Scoop as a direct result of a tragic event in which a very close family member died. That was my mother. I have also spent time in prison. My whole life has been institutionalized. I really like being a sounding board and telling my own side of the story of lived and living experience. As a direct result of public forum speeches, I have been able to get a better understanding, support, comfort and positive reactions. Which is what I always needed.

Jessica Stepushyn is an artist and retired nurse living and working in Greater Victoria Area.

They have lived experience with mental illness, homelessness, and stigma, and actively works towards improving the lives of peoples with this issue. When they aren’t working on social justice, you can find them painting in an open field, or strumming on the guitar in a sunny park meadow.


Having “lived experience” concerning homelessness and substance misuse, I strive to empower myself by enlightening others.

The power of storytelling never ceases to amaze me. I believe that society is better served by being connected to marginalized and disenfranchised persons. Shedding light on the dark issues brings people together fostering inclusive community

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am a storyteller for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End homelessness.

I am directly involved in a program called Face 2 Face with Stigma.

This program allows me to use my life experiences of drug use, mental health and homelessness to name a few as a way to touch people in an attempt to end the us and them mentality in our community.

I have been fortunate to aid those who live with stigma.

And I hope I can continue to do that for as long as I can.

Hi, I am Herb the third.

I am a man with lived and living experience of many topics such as trauma, drug addiction, penitentiary incarceration, violence, abuse. Iam a full time, single father and am experiencing the negative bias that goes with all that.

Today, I am a happy, go lucky, father in recovery who is willing to share multiple sides of my story to the public in hopes that people can understand what a lifetime of stigma can do to a person.

Most of all, I want to show that no matter how far down the rabbit hole someone can go, it is still possible to change and rewrite their lives to one of positive purpose and meaning. 

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