Part 1 of the poverty series by the Times Colonist’s Sarah Petrescu tackles domestic violence and the connection to homelessness.

Victims who flee domestic abuse are often left with few resources and find themselves homeless. As shelter numbers are at record highs in Victoria this year, advocacy organizations cite abuse as a major driver of homelessness in the city. “All of the women who come here are fleeing abuse,” said Parm Kroad, deputy director of the Victoria Women’s Transition House Society. “Most of them are in limbo and not sure what to do. Some want to return [home] and almost all are working on a really limited income. Their biggest question is: ‘How am I going to survive?’ ”

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In Crisis?:

If you require urgent emotional support, including having thoughts of suicide and other mental health issues, please call Vancouver Island Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888.

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