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Elizabeth May lays out plan to end homelessness

The Green Party leader Elizabeth May releases the party's homelessness platform. Canada could end homelessness and become a world leader in energy efficiency through a national strategy, says Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. Calling the…

Editorial: Fair Elections Act makes it worse

Times Colonist Editorial on the new voter rules/restrictions. You can’t make something better by making it worse, but that is what has happened with the Fair Elections Act, passed by the federal Conservatives last year. Instead of making…

New rules make it harder for marginalized to vote, advocates say

With a federal election coming in October advocates are raising concerns over new voting requirements. Advocates for seniors, the homeless, First Nations and students in Victoria worry that changes to voting requirements will make it harder…

Dean Fortin, former Victoria mayor, to head social housing group

Former mayor Dean Fortin has taken on the post as ED of Pacifica. Former Victoria mayor Dean Fortin has been named the executive director of Pacifica Housing effective Aug. 24. Fortin, mayor from 2008 to his defeat by 89 votes last November,…

Direct from farm to food bank, thanks to a bountiful summer

A bumper crop on local farms is helping those in need in our community. Scarlet runner beans are thriving at SunTrio Farm in Saanichton — the combined result of hot and dry growing conditions. But instead of going to market, Thursday’s harvest…

Editorial: Food shouldn’t go to waste

Editorial from the Times Colonist on food waste in the region. It’s cruel irony that people go hungry in this country, yet we waste billions of dollars worth of usable food each year. That’s why the “food rescue” initiative by nine local…

Mustard Seed teams up with local business to help families

The Mustard Seeds FairStart program is off to a great start with the help of Monk Office. The Mustard Seed is teaming up with a local business to help low income families who have a difficult time getting their children ready for the fast-approaching…

Artist hopes mural will create a bit of peace for Our Place clients

Our Place's walls just got a new mural. Bob Sellmer uses careful brush strokes to paint the outline for an expansive mural, an image of a serene rainforest, a tangle of moss-covered tree branches flanking a gentle stream. Sellmer has been working…

‘Food rescue’ project to deliver more perishables to the hungry

Victoria's latest initiative, the Food Share Network is beginning to see results. Donations totalling $200,000 could buy 200,000 cans of baked beans for the Mustard Seed Food Bank. Nutritious, but short-term. Or that money could change the…

Comment: Crisis-driven fixes won’t erase homelessness

Comment from Richard LeBlanc at Woodwynn Farms about the state of homelessness. Are Victorians simply tired of Band-Aid solutions to homelessness and with little or no help from other municipalities? Bravo to Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps for putting…

Park’s stakeholders must be consulted

Resident of the Topaz Park area expresses concern over consultation in recent letter to editor. Upon retiring from teaching in Abbotsford 12 years ago, it took us two years to find our home. One of the many reasons we love the Topaz Park neighbourhood…

Jack Knox: Victoria steps up on housing as Ottawa steps back

Comment from Jack Knox about homelessness in the region. Wednesday noon hour, headed downtown. First in view: a woman going bat-crap crazy on the Blanshard Street sidewalk. High? Mentally ill? Dunno. Turned right, a parka-clad man was poking…

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