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B.C.’s homeless people left out by high tech

People experiencing homelessness need more tech-friendly options say TAPS. Having just been denied an investigation by the previous B.C. ombudsperson, a Victoria anti-poverty advocate hopes that the new office-holder will tackle the provincial…

Victoria councillors commit to public input on tent city

The City of Victoria is to arrange a public meeting to discuss homelessness in the city. Victoria council has officially committed to public consultation on tent cities and other housing issues for people in need. The move came during a Wednesday…

Status quo on homeless is unsustainable

Letter to editor from Chief Elsner on homelessness in our region. Our elected officials are working hard to make headway in the search for lasting solutions to Victoria’s homelessness crisis, while individuals and groups have spoken out clearly…

A tent city: a former police officer’s perspective

John Ducker, former police office and former member of the Coalition's Management Committee speaks out. All Points West host Robyn Burns speaks with former police officer and current board member at Victoria homeless shelter Our Place, John…

MLA urges Victoria to look for a better option than tent city

MLA Rob Fleming encourages the city to look beyond the proposed 'tent city'. Victoria should abandon plans to locate a temporary tent city in Topaz Park, says Rob Fleming, MLA for the area. “I appreciate the mayor’s commitment to now listen…

More than 300 turn out to oppose Victoria homeless camp

Concerned residents gathered in Topaz Park in reaction to a proposed outdoor shelter pilot in the park. More than 300 concerned residents gathered Thursday night to question Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and Councillor Ben Isitt about the proposal,…

Will backlash derail Victoria’s plans to address homelessness?

The Times Colonist`s Bill Cleverley asks if the reaction to the propsed Topaz Park outdoor shelter will create backlash. The jury is out on whether a proposed micro-housing village will be met with the same public backlash that met a plan to…

Victoria mayor faces furious Topaz Park crowd

Mayor Lisa Help and fellow Councillors met with people opposed to Topaz Park 'tent city'. It was no walk in the park for Victoria politicians who met the wrath of Topaz Park area residents on Thursday night over a proposed temporary tent city…

Editorial: Canada needs homeless plan

Editors for the Times Colonist call on the Federal Government to create a National Housing Strategy. The outrage that blew up last week over a possible tent city in Topaz Park shows just how hard it is going to be for the city to find a solution…

Homeless man found dead in Victoria in 1994 now identified

A man who pass away while experiencing homelessness in 1994 has been identified. The body of Kenneth William Boseley, 35, was found on View Street in October 1994, the B.C. Coroners Service said Wednesday. Although Boseley did not die of natural…

Les Leyne: Tents in park are a stunningly bad idea

Les Leyne shares his opinion on the proposed Topaz Park outdoor shelter. The walk-back on the Topaz Park homeless shelter started about 48 hours after the idea sprang into public view. By the end of the week it should be clear whether Victoria…

Designated tenting area in Topaz Park

Debate has risen over a proposed tent city, more properly known as a "designated tenting area" in Victoria. All Points West host Robyn Burns speaks with Mayor Lisa Helps and Councillor Geoff Young to find out more. Listen: Designated tenting…

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