The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness is a partnership of local service providers, non-profit organizations, all levels of government, business and the faith community located in Greater Victoria, British Columbia. The Coalition’s mission is to end homelessness by 2018. We do this by bringing together the right partners for each housing and support project.


To end homelessness in Greater Victoria by 2018.


By 2018, all people facing homelessness in our community will have access to safe, affordable, appropriate, permanent housing, with support if they require it. This will be provided in a coordinated, accessible and effective manner.


In May 2007, then Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe struck a 120-day task force to recommend a service model and business plan that would provide better assistance to residents challenged with mental illness, addictions and homelessness.
The Mayor’s Task Force was charged with breaking down the issue if homelessness in Victoria and developing a new service delivery model that would be a substantial shift in the way we all respond to our community’s social and health challenges. It became apparent that Greater Victoria needed a community-owned solution to end homelessness for its residents. As a result of this exhaustive work, the community rallied and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society was formed in February 2008.