The Coalition will consider all requests for Endorsement and/or Support that have the potential to advance the mission of the Coalition. We are proud to endorse the following:

Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s Ending Youth Homelessness: A CHRA Policy Position Statement

CHRA believes ending youth homelessness must be a national priority. To this end, CHRA developed a policy paper which recommends that the federal government, in partnership with provinces, territories, municipalities, youth agencies and youth themselves, should develop a national strategy to end youth homelessness. This strategy should complement a long-term national housing and homelessness strategy that CHRA continues to urge the federal government to develop. CHRA’s Policy Statement on Ending Youth Homelessness outlines specific principles and actions that should be part of this strategy. Ending Homelessness: A CHRA Policy Position Statement

Community Social Planning Council’s Community Action Plan (CAP) on Poverty

The CAP on Poverty is a strategy to improve the health and well-being of all residents in BC’s Capital Region. The Community Social Planning Council invites all residents and organizations in the Region, from across sectors, to  endorse the Community Action Plan and find ways of becoming involved in promoting sustainable livelihoods for all. Endorse the CAP on Poverty.

The Canadian Homelessness Research Network’s Canadian Definition of Homelessness

The Canadian Homelessness Research Network has developed a definition and typology of homelessness intended to improve understanding, measurement and responses to homelessness in Canada by providing a common ‘language’ for addressing this complex problem. Review the Canadian Definition of Homelessness.