Since 2008, the Coalition to End Homelessness has been an important body in bringing together organizations and individuals to create new affordable and supportive housing in the region. There have been some great successes. The recommendations below reflect an exciting turning point for the Coalition to refocus its efforts from a primary focus on research, study and awareness-raising to more of a focus on action. With the Capital Regional Hospital District’s approval to borrow up to $30 million to build new affordable and supportive housing subject to a matching Provincial contribution, it’s a new day in the region. When the Provincial money comes through, the Coalition needs to be focused, and ready to take action as a leader and a partner in the Regional Housing First Initiative. The recommendations below reflect this direction.

On February 2, 2016 the Coalition’s Leadership Council (name changed to Board of Directors) met to review and vote on the recommendations outlined in the Governance Review Report written by the independent Community Review Team, and the subsequent recommendations from the Governance Review Committee (sub-committee of the Board). Below is the Community Review Team’s report and a detailed record of the motions carried at Board of Directors on February 2, 2016.

Community Review Team Governance Review Report (PDF)

Detailed Record of Governance Review Leadership Council Motions (PDF)

Steps Followed:

Members of the Board were tasked to draft bylaw and governance framework changes for voting on at the March 2016 Board meeting.

During that time, members of the Board Executive Team presented the governance review updates at a variety of Coalition and community committees (i.e. Management/Steering Committee, Downtown Service Providers).

On April 26, 2016, following approval at the March Board meeting, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held for Society members to vote on the bylaw and governance changes.

The revised bylaw and governance were approved by the membership and filed with  BC Registries Services.

In 2017 the bylaws were updated to conform to the new BC Society Act and approved by the Board of Directors in May. They will be presented to the society membership at their Annual General Meeting in September for acceptance.

Members are invited to review the bylaws here prior to the September 19, 2017 AGM: Coalition Bylaws – 2017 Transition to New Societies Act V1e