Four Heroines

Photo by jplenio on Pixabay   Four older women’s…

In the Labyrinth of Homelessness

 Narrated by: Hilary Marks   Christy took…

Pitching Shelter from Isolation

Narrated by: Gabrielle Gabrielle is the youth storyteller…

Seeking Creature Comforts

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay   In the spring of…

Seeking A Good Night’s Sleep

 Narrated by: Jessica Stepushyn Jessica is a facilitator…

Winding Streets And Clocks

 Narrated by: Bailey Bailey is a storyteller for…

Thank you to our funder and project partners, CMHC!

This project entitled Surfacing Our Strengths: Co-creating Strategic Solutions with Women+ At Risk of Violence and Homelessness received funding from the National Housing Strategy under the NHS Solutions Labs.