Leadership Team Meeting (Phase 1 & 2 Report)

Leadership Team Meeting

(Phase 1 & 2 Report)

Phase 1 activities consisted of the following milestones:

  • Designing lab structures and roles
  • Recruiting the Lab Leadership Team
  • Convening 2 Lab Leadership Team Meetings (1 x in-person and 1 x virtual)
  • Producing a Project Backgrounder, including a “How Might We” question for the lab
  • Developing a Lab Engagement and Recruitment Strategy
  • Starting to Identify Learning Questions to Guide the Lab Discovery Phase
  • Refining our project timeline and work plan

Much of the definition phase was spent on outreach, recruitment and engagement with the Lab Leadership Team and Backbone Team. Sessions focused on developing an understanding of the challenge, the current landscape of housing supports and services (strengths, gaps, and barriers) and ensuring the lab is building on existing work (and lessons learned) from what has happened to address this issue in the past.

Phase 2 activities consisted of:

  • Finalizing learning questions, methods and strategies for the Discovery Phase Engagement and Recruitment Strategy
  • Convening two Leadership Team meetings (Nov 26 + upcoming meeting April 30, 2021)
  • Planning and facilitating ‘sensing the system’ activities with diverse community partners to better understand the key influences on the challenge and opportunities for innovation (engaged 31 representatives from the community)
  • Recruiting and orienting the Peer Research Team: 6 women+ with lived experience who will design and facilitate engagement with diverse populations of women+ in the Greater Victoria region
  • Creating a learning agenda and developmental evaluation framework for the project
  • Collective sense-making and theming from discovery phase research, engagement, and data collection
  • Development of a systems map
  • Bi-weekly Backbone team meetings
  • Development of personas and systems maps by Peer Researchers
  • Launching the Surfacing Our Strengths project website (April 2021) and communications materials,