Sylvia Ceacero

Executive Director,

Michelle Vanchu-Orosco

Director of Research & Data Analysis, GVCEH

Coreen Child

Executive Director,

Kerri Klein

SHIFT Collaborative

Stacy Barter

SHIFT Collaborative

Peer Researcher Team

Hilary Marks

Melissa Barnhard

Mandy MacKearney



Kelly Roth

Executive Director, GVCEH
(August 2020 – January 2022)

Dana Pengilley

Research Analyst, ACEH
(June 2021 – August 2021)

Meredith Elliott

Public Relations Coordinator, GVCEH
(August 2020 – April 2022)

Lehran Young

Executive Assistant to Coreen Child, ACEH
(May 2021 – August 2022)

Janine Theobald

Director of Collaborative Engagement, GVCEH
(August 2020 – January 2023)


Thank you to our funder and project partners, CMHC!

Surfacing Our Strengths: Co-creating Strategic Solutions with Women+ At Risk of Violence and Homelessness received funding
from the National Housing Strategy under the NHS Solutions Labs.