Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan Survey

Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan Survey

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Mental Health Recovery Partners, South Island (MHRP SI) has partnered with the City of Victoria on a project from the Mayor’s office, called the Community Safety and Wellbeing Initiative. They are supporting community engagement to collect feedback and information from people who live, work, and spend time in Victoria, about their priorities, concerns, and solutions to community safety and wellbeing issues in the City.

Survey closes May 12, 2024.

Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan Survey: For all who live, work, and/or spend time in Victoria. This survey includes a broad range of questions that explore personal experiences, perspectives, and ideas across multiple domains pertinent to safety and well-being. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and again, is anonymous, and will inform potential actions within the Community Safety and Well-Being plan.

“This public engagement will help us understand people’s thoughts, feelings, perceptions and opinions about wellbeing and safety, and encourage them to share their ideas on possible solutions. Our Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan will include strategies to enhance the quality of life for our community – residents housed and unhoused, businesses, non-profits, workers of all kinds – to create a community that is safe and inclusive for everyone. The Plan will tackle a range of social issues, embracing an array of solutions.” – Mayor Marianne Alto