Dermod Travis: ‘Lowest income tax’ claim is a cute trick

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Interesting comment from Dermod Travis in the Times Colonist.

When something changes from one week to the next for no apparent reason, it sparks some curiosity, as is the case with the B.C. Finance Ministry’s “Keeping taxes low for B.C. families” fact sheet posted to its website only a week after the provincial budget. It favours spin right from the top. The first two lines are classic. “B.C. families generally have one of the lowest overall tax burdens in Canada, including income taxes, consumption taxes, property taxes, health-care premiums and payroll taxes.” In certain circles, that’s called the bait. The second: “B.C. currently has the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for individuals earning up to $122,000 a year.” And that’s called the switch.

Comment: Dermod Travis: ‘Lowest income tax’ claim is a cute trick 

Source: Times Colonist