Election 2021 – Where do the Parties Stand on Housing?

Election 2021 – Where do the Parties Stand on Housing?


Wondering which federal party shares your concerns about housing? Vote Housing, a national non-partisan campaign designed to engage and mobilize Canadians around housing issues in this federal election, has compiled a breakdown of each major party’s platforms, as well as answers to some survey questions.

You can find the full document on their website, but we wanted to highlight the following section:

 Prevention and Elimination of Homelessness
(in alphabetical order)


  • Make permanent the funding envelope for homelessness at levels realized during the pandemic.
  • Provide Quebec its share of unconditional federal funding for homelessness.


  • Implement a Housing First Approach.
  • Implement a strategy to combat homelessness among veterans and explore the potential for using surplus military housing to provide housing for homeless veterans.


  • Declare housing affordability and homelessness a national emergency.
  • Establish a Guaranteed Livable Income program, ensuring people can cover basic expenses such as food and accommodation.
  • Support Housing First initiatives and other models of improving health outcomes.
  • Increase access to shelters by investing $40 million over 4 years in the Shelter Enhancement Program, providing more than 2,100 new and renovated spaces in first-stage shelters and hundreds of spaces in transition houses.
  • Support existing youth shelters and other infrastructures through federal grants.
  • Invest in the creation of new youth shelters in urban and small urban centres.
  • Remove shelter maximum stays for youth.


  • End chronic homelessness and reduce chronic homelessness by 50% by 2027.
  • $567 million for preventing and reducing homelessness, as outlined in Budget 2021


  • Work toward the goal of ending homelessness within a decade.
  • End veteran homelessness.

Vote Housing also hosted a National Housing Debate on September 7. If you missed it at the time, you can watch here: