Extreme Weather Alert Activated

Extreme Weather Alert Activated

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Extreme Weather Alert

Pursuant to sec. 2(2)(b) of the Assistance to Shelter Act an Extreme Weather Alert (EWA) is being issued for the city of Victoria, British Columbia. This EWA activates the authorities in the Assistance to Shelter Act for police to assist persons at risk due to extreme weather conditions and remains in effect until it is cancelled.

This EWA is being issued on December 4, 2023 at 1pm, due to the following weather conditions and forecast – Special Weather AdvisoryWeather AlertsHigh Flow River Reports

These conditions and advisories pose a risk to the houseless population. In addition, there has been considerable rain fall over the last several days making it difficult to maintain dry clothing and sleeping arrangements.

The following shelter(s) will be providing spaces during this EWA:

The Salvation Army ARC 525 Johnson Street, Victoria BC –  Coed – 30 mats Over 19

SOLID at Saint John the Divine 1611 Quadra Street, Victoria BC V8W 2L5 – 30 mats – Co-ed

Additional Resources:

Rock Bay Landing 535 Ellice St, Victoria, BC V8T 2G8 – 20 Mats Co-ed

Pets are welcome, but must be leashed and under control of owner at all times

EWA issued by: Salvation Army ARC, Community Representative for the municipality of Victoria, British Columbia.