Federal Budget Signals Bold Step Towards Ending Homelessness: AEHCR Applauds Significant Housing Investments

Federal Budget Signals Bold Step Towards Ending Homelessness: AEHCR Applauds Significant Housing Investments

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The recent release of the federal budget has sparked optimism and hope in the fight against homelessness across Canada. The Alliance to End Homelessness in the Capital Region (AEHCR) is proud to lend its voice to this campaign and celebrate the significant housing investments outlined in the budget. These investments mark a crucial step forward in addressing the housing crisis and advancing efforts to achieve functional-zero homelessness.

The AEHCR is elated to see the federal government’s commitment to tackling the housing crisis, which represents the most ambitious federal housing investment in over 50 years. This bold plan lays out a clear path towards solving the housing crisis and alleviating homelessness, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the collective campaigning efforts of organizations like ours.

Key highlights from the budget include:

  • Extension of Funding for Reaching Home: $1 billion over four years to extend funding for Reaching Home, a critical program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness.
  • Public Lands for Homes Plan: A new initiative to convert existing public lands and buildings into new homes, unlocking 250,000 new units by 2031.
  • Investment to Respond to Encampments: $250 million federal investment, matched by provinces and territories, to respond to encampments and address homelessness.
  • Accelerating Reductions in Homelessness: $50 million to help communities adopt best practices to reduce homelessness and support initiatives aimed at accelerating reductions in homelessness.
  • Affordable Housing Fund: $1 billion investment to support non-profit, cooperative, and public housing providers.
  • Rental Protection Fund: $1.5 billion to preserve the affordable rental housing stock and protect tenants from displacement.

These policies represent significant progress towards reducing homelessness in Canada, with the federal government promising to build 3.87 million homes by 2031. While these investments will have a long-term impact, more must be done to address the immediate wave of homelessness. The AEHCR advocates for the implementation of a Homelessness Prevention and Housing Benefit to help individuals at risk of homelessness stay housed.

The AEHCR acknowledges that these housing announcements are a result of collective advocacy efforts and the growing political power of the movement to end homelessness. It is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of organizations, activists, and individuals who have tirelessly campaigned for change.

As we celebrate this milestone, the AEHCR remains committed to fighting for the rights of our neighbors without a safe place to sleep and those who are struggling to afford housing. Together, we will continue to advocate for policies and initiatives that ensure everyone in Canada has a safe, affordable, and secure place to call home.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this important cause. Let’s keep pushing forward until homelessness is eradicated in our communities and across the country.