The Community and Peer Belonging is an initiative toward creating a sense of belonging and social inclusion amongst peers and community members who live in supportive housing and those with lived experience of homelessness. It provides opportunities to re-engage with the community and form positive social connections. 

Its members facilitate talking circles, resident advisory committees, and other meetings where people have their experiential voices and ideas heard honestly and recorded anonymously. These voices are amplified and taken directly to those who may not always have direct engagement with these communities and those who impact the lives of those within these communities. Giving these community members a collective voice leads to personal and community empowerment, system transformations, and the development of projects and places that will better and more appropriately serve the unique needs of all people. Also, members are making real impacts connecting community resources by linking service providers with community members experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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Project ReConnect is a one-day, one-stop annual service fair that provides community members with access to free services, resources and referrals

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