Below you will find copies of our Annual Reports, Business Plans, Community Plans and a variety of reports and resources.

Every year, the Coalition releases an annual report as a summary of the organization’s activities. Coalition objectives, activities, and results can be found in the Annual Report, as well as spotlights and retrospective insights on various Coalition initiatives.

2022/2023 Annual Report

2021/2022 Annual Report

2020/2021 Annual Report 

2019/2020 Annual Report

2018/ 2019 Annual Report

2017/ 2018 Annual Report

2016/ 2017 Annual Report

2015/ 2016 Annual Report

2014/ 2015 Annual Report

2013/ 2014 Annual Report

2012/ 2013 Annual Report

2011/ 2012 Annual Report

2010/ 2011 Annual Report

2009/ 2010 Annual Report

2008/ 2009 Annual Report

Business Plans are a detailed summary of projects that will be undertaken in a given fiscal year and are intended to be companion documents to the 2016-2021 Coalition Strategic Plan and the Community Plan.

2021/2022 Business Plan 

2018/2019 Business Plan

2017/ 2018 Business Plan

2016/ 2017 Business Plan

Community Plans are a summary of what the Coalition and our stakeholders are doing each year to bring positive change to the housing, health, and social service systems in the Capital Region.

2019-2024 Community Plan To End Homelessness

Community Planning Day Summary

2018/ 2019 Community Plan Phase 2, Year 2

2017/ 2018 Community Plan Phase 2, Year 1

2016/ 2017 Community Plan Phase 1



2020 Point-in-Time Count Details:

The Point-in-Time Count took place between March 11 and 12, 2020, over 175 citizen volunteers and staff, along with a cross-sector of service agencies and community partners, participated in the Capital Region’s third Point-in-Time Homeless count and survey.

      •  This extensive effort counted at least 1,523 individuals who experienced homelessness on the night of March 11, 2020.
      • On March 12, volunteers conducted over 850 surveys with people experiencing homelessness across the region, providing an invaluable set of personal histories, experiences, and needs.

A broad range of community agencies and partners worked together on the count, including:

  • Local municipalities and the Capital Regional District
  • Island Health
  • Homelessness service providers
  • Local police services
  • Other housing and social service agencies
  • People with Lived and Living Experiences of Homelessness

The 2020 Point-in-Time Count was made possible by the Capital Regional District (CRD), in partnership with the Community Social Planning Council (CSPC), the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness and the Aboriginal Coalition Coalition to End Homelessness. The Point-in-Time Count was funded by the Government of Canada, through Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.

Learn more about the 2020 Greater Victoria Point-in-Time Count in the 2020 Greater Victoria Point-in-Time Homeless Count and Housing Needs Report, the 2020 Greater Victoria PiT Count Infographic, and Point-in-Time Count 2020 FAQ.




Aging in Uncertainty: The Growing Housing Crisis for BC Seniors


940 Caledonia – A Framework for Sanctioned, Self-Managed & Supported Encampments for People Experiencing Homelessness

Homelessness Response System: Recommendations Review


Video Presentations – 2020-2021 Annual General Meeting 

Surfacing Our Strengths: Co-creating Strategic Solutions with Women+ At Risk of Violence and Homelessness Challenge Paper

Health & Housing Think Tank 2021 Summary Report: A Vision For Greater Victoria

Health & Housing Think Tank 2021 Summary Report: A Vision For Greater Victoria (Executive Summary)

Engagement to Inform the City of Victoria Policy Regarding Encampments Engaging People Currently Sheltering Out-of-Doors


Creating Homes: A Community Guide to Affordable and Supportive Housing Development 2019 Edition


BC Homelessness Action Plan 2018


Housing Stability Policy Report

Positive Housing and Support Movement (FLOW)


Coalition Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Process Mapping


Creating Homes, Enhancing Communities 2015

Homelessness in Greater Victoria: 2014-15 Report on Housing and Supports

CASH Evaluation

Homeless Hub E-Book – Where’s the CASH? (web link)

Youth Pathways In and Out of Homelessness in the Capital Region (Full Report)

Youth Pathways In and Out of Homelessness: a summary


The Cycle of Impossibility: Pathways into and out of Family Homelessness

One Night Only: Facility Count 2014

Patterns of Homelessness in Greater Victoria


Housing and Homeless in Greater Victoria

Homelessness Research Plan: 2013-2018


Data Supplement to 2012/12 Report on Housing and Supports

Housing Procurement Action Plan

Report on Housing and Support 2012/13


Finding our Path: Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness

Quiet Crisis: Homelessness and At Risk in Greater Victoria

Housing and Harm Reduction: A Policy Framework for Greater Victoria


A Plan to Prevent Homelessness

Report on Housing and Supports 2010/ 2011


Report on Housing and Supports 2009/ 2010


Report on Housing and Supports 2008/ 2009