John Howard Society 2023 Employment Programs

John Howard Society 2023 Employment Programs

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It is with enthusiasm that we share exciting news from the John Howard Society of Victoria (JHSVIC) regarding their 2023 Employment Programs.

The John Howard Society is a multi-service agency that creates safe and healthy communities for all, with Employment Programs serve individuals facing barriers to employment. JHSVIC provides participants with direct workplace training, individualized supports, ongoing mentorship, and capacity building. JHSVIC would like to partner with community organizations and individuals to help create a more equitable society and give individuals in our community the opportunity to thrive.

JHSVIC has an open door at our office at 637 Bay St in Victoria, BC and also offers other social services for the persons experiencing homeless that are worth looking into and are posted on the JHSVIC website.

See JHSVIC Employment Newsletter 2023 for more information.